Philadelphia, PA International Airport Experience

Like other airports, you have to grab a shuttle to the car rental location. However, this airport has individual shuttles to the specific car rental facility you reserved a vehicle for. Did I mention you have to flag the shuttle down for them to stop? It took me one shuttle with “Sixt” passing me andContinue reading “Philadelphia, PA International Airport Experience”

ATL – Airport Experience – Prime Day 1: June 21, 2021

TSA precheck lines are seven rows deep, it seems travel is back in full swing. Of course in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport the idea of the six feet between you and others has also disappeared. Now the stigma has been reversed. Instead of being side-eyed for not putting space between you and other passengers, youContinue reading “ATL – Airport Experience – Prime Day 1: June 21, 2021”

Memorial Day Weekend: 2021

Day 1: Arrival First stop, Cloudland Canyon State Park Visitor Center. We checked out the visitor center and obtained information and maps for the park. It was cool to see how many camp sites were around the area for future endeavors. After scoping out the visitor information and reading plenty of warnings, and skimming theContinue reading “Memorial Day Weekend: 2021”