ATL – Airport Experience – Prime Day 1: June 21, 2021

TSA precheck lines are seven rows deep, it seems travel is back in full swing.

Of course in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport the idea of the six feet between you and others has also disappeared. Now the stigma has been reversed.

Instead of being side-eyed for not putting space between you and other passengers, you are being stared at with disdain for keeping the six foot bubble. It’s easy enough to control the distance between yourself and the group in front of you but there is no control over the person or group “six feet” behind you.

I am thankful that masks are still being worn, but still hesitant to assume society has been fully vaccinated to a point of low transmission. I can’t exactly stop traveling given my profession, but I still try to maintain safety protocols. It’s only June 2021, a year and a half after the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, so forgive my delayed response to the going-back-to-normal situation. Honestly, my day to day outside of work has returned to mostly normalcy: lunches/dinners with friends and family, singing lessons, trumpet practice, and tennis. All activities with mild to minimal precautions related to the virus. How ling will it take for society to return to normal? What will the new normal look like? I suppose society shifts back and forth on many things: forgotten and remembered, so j suppose all is well with the world, at least my world for now.

The TSA agents are not without their own concerns. Just as I was approaching the entrance to the pre-check lines I overheard a small confrontation. It was in regards to manning/overseeing lanes. There is a workstation or two for each [enter name of machines that check bags]. TSA checks boarding passes and IDs. Now this pass through security I had to scan my boarding pass along with presenting my photo ID; however, they have new devices called [enter name of ID scanning device], that are used to identify passengers and/or pre-check status [look into what these machines do].

Back to the agents: the grievance of agent one regarded the fact of staffing being short handed and this individual had to monitor two different lanes: one for pre-check and the other I believe for CLEAR passengers. The check seemed harmless enough for the CLEAR passengers because the instance I witnessed was a simple “show me your boarding pass” and it was just a show of the pass, electronic or paper copy.

Is TSA experiencing a shortage of employees like so many industries during this time of “rebuilding” our society is doing on the backend of the COVID-10 pandemic? Was this simply a case of overwhelming amounts of travelers at an unusual time? Personally i believe it is the former. Given the amount of data available regarding flight times, terminals, and passengers, I imagine staff planning, or scheduling, wouldn’t be an issue…if you have staff. Of course, it could just be an instance of employees missing their shifts for one reason or another.

I have been considered an essential employee/worker since the onset of COVID-19, so i wasn’t grounded long. I find it interesting that traveling during the pandemic, while inconvenient with masks and six-foot space between humans, was easy and comfortable. Now that we are starting to close the US’s chapter in the pandemic, traveling is becoming cumbersome to say the least with shoulder-to-shoulder lines, dissatisfied employees and travelers, and middle seat upgrades (I’m thankful for the upgrade, but when you are typing your blog while the person next to you is working seems to be a bit snug to say the least!)

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Hey there! I am Jonathan, but friends call me J. Law. I grew up between Michigan and Florida, changed schools 13 times, went to 7 different colleges, enjoy time as the most precious gift(to give or receive) we have. I am shy, but usually warm up. I enjoy weekend trips to mountains, beaches, or even places I between. Food, I so love, but I am a picky eater. I enjoy puzzles, and yes this is extremely broad, but I don’t know the categories of puzzles. Sometimes not knowing is more fun than knowing, within a certain amount of reason of course! I would keep going, but I believe the content I post will give more details to the person that I am, and working to be.

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