About Me

  • Chef Law

My name is Jonathan, but my friends call me ’JLaw’. I’m a rainbow of adjectives, but I tend to be described as kind…most of the time!

Originally, I am from Flint, MI. However, not long into my life did the rubber burn from the traveling tires of my life. I grew up between MI, OH, TN, KY, SC, GA, and FL. There is no particular algorithm or order to the states I’ve listed. I enjoy playing trumpet, video games, fictional reading, anime, family and friends, and many other things I hope this blog can fill in.

Who are some influential people in my life you ask? Hmmm…this could take a while depending on which timeframe, or part, of my life that sparked the question, but for generality we will go with this: I’ve met many interesting people: infamous and notorious. Some of those people stayed in my life for a season, and some come back into my life as do the seasons, and some of those people are walking with me, if not along my path only to meet again at another juncture down the line. Some of those influential people haven’t arrived.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences, and like the name suggests, my perspective. So if you’re a passive reader, a future/current subscriber, or just looking to pass the time reading a random persons thoughts, I want to thank you for taking the time to skim my blog.

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