First Post – More about me?

This is my first post… many months after the fact. I still haven’t walked through all the resources available to me, but at least I am starting out.

I imagine my space where I have an idea, that has “articles” or “posts” written by me. That sparks a conversation at least.

Published by J. Law

Hey there! I am Jonathan, but friends call me J. Law. I grew up between Michigan and Florida, changed schools 13 times, went to 7 different colleges, enjoy time as the most precious gift(to give or receive) we have. I am shy, but usually warm up. I enjoy weekend trips to mountains, beaches, or even places I between. Food, I so love, but I am a picky eater. I enjoy puzzles, and yes this is extremely broad, but I don’t know the categories of puzzles. Sometimes not knowing is more fun than knowing, within a certain amount of reason of course! I would keep going, but I believe the content I post will give more details to the person that I am, and working to be.

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