Philadelphia, PA International Airport Experience

Like other airports, you have to grab a shuttle to the car rental location. However, this airport has individual shuttles to the specific car rental facility you reserved a vehicle for. Did I mention you have to flag the shuttle down for them to stop? It took me one shuttle with “Sixt” passing me and the crowd of travelers to realize this tidbit. Perhaps that was a part of the confirmation or something from the website of Sixt?

The shuttle I flagged stopped in the center lane for me and several other travelers to hitch a ride. The shuttle was mostly full, but a few seats remained. I was able to grab a seat while three others ended up standing. The trip to the car rental was an average trip. And now we get to wait in line! Now this facility is setup fairly nice with an interesting choice of orange and black. Soft but present music bouncing in the background. Sales clerks laughing and smiling while helping the customers. Looks like they have a diamond lounge for travelers who use this company often. There is a bar area that probably supplied snacks and coffee pre COVID-19. One security guard bustles in the corner or the lobby probably bored from all the excitement. The lot outside seems organized with orange signs with bold black letters distinguishing numbered parking spaces. Behind one of the counters there is an eye shaped television displaying car ads for this seasons hottest luxury cars.

I didn’t enjoy the persistent questioning regarding my reason for travel, but I respect the sales-directed questions. The worst I am taking from this experience is that a picture had to be taken of you before you could rent a car. I wasn’t expecting that especially since my previous experiences with car rentals never asked for a fresh mugshot outside of my driver’s license. Not many travelers have their “picture face” on right? Luckily, this travel was for work and I had a modicum of respectable presentation as one expects when traveling for work. Had it been on a vacation… shorts, t-shirt, and a ball cap… relaxing and comfortable.

The best experience was the lady who assisted me. She was very knowledgeable about the area, was proactively asking questions about my travel plans, and was well tempered given the climate of the location. I would be at wits end having that many people waiting to rent cars. While it is not my preferred, nor my second, Sixt still provided me with above average customer service and the vehicle is pretty nice too! Now the drive from the airport to the site I am working for the next few days… that is another story!

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Hey there! I am Jonathan, but friends call me J. Law. I grew up between Michigan and Florida, changed schools 13 times, went to 7 different colleges, enjoy time as the most precious gift(to give or receive) we have. I am shy, but usually warm up. I enjoy weekend trips to mountains, beaches, or even places I between. Food, I so love, but I am a picky eater. I enjoy puzzles, and yes this is extremely broad, but I don’t know the categories of puzzles. Sometimes not knowing is more fun than knowing, within a certain amount of reason of course! I would keep going, but I believe the content I post will give more details to the person that I am, and working to be.

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